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Heteronuclear correlation experiments of 23Na-27Al in rotating solids

Release time:2017-4-5      Source:admin      Reads:791
    We demonstrated that the heteronuclear correlation experiments between two quadrupolar nuclei, 23Na and 27Al, with close Larmor frequencies can be achieved via D-HMQC and D-RINEPT approaches by using a diplexer connected to a conventional probe in magic-angle-spinning solid-state NMR. Low-power heteronuclear dipolar recoupling schemes can be applied on 23Na or 27Al to establish polarization transfers between the central transitions of 23Na and 27Al for a model compound, NaAlO2. Further, we showed a practical implementation of the two dimensional 23Na-27Al dipolar-based heteronuclear correlation experiment on a heterogeneous catalyst, Na2CO3/γ-Al2O3. This allows to determine spatial proximities between different 23Na and 27Al sites, thus the surface Na species adjacent to octahedral-coordination Al can be clearly discriminated.